“When I needed cash for an unexpected emergency last year, I asked my bank for a loan. After wasting almost an hour in the loan office, the branch manager told me she was sorry, but there was nothing they could do for me. My credit union gave me the same answer, and when I called my credit card company to see if they would raise my limit, they actually lowered my limit the next day! It was truly ridiculous how difficult it was to find a place to get a fast cash loan, but then I found out about title loans in my area by using an online application. In just minutes, I was able to connect with a location near me who was able to put the cash I needed in my pocket that afternoon, and I even got to keep and drive my car during the loan. My title loan taught me how easy it is to get emergency cash in just minutes.”
Gloria S.
Dallas, TX

“Bills have a sneaky way of piling up without you even noticing, and before you know it, you are in need of some serious help to get things back under control. All it takes sometimes is a little bump in the road, and that’s what happened last year when my hours were cut at work, right after I had to pay for a big repair on my trucks suspension. All of a sudden my savings was depleted, my cash flow was down, and the bills kept piling up, week after week. After about a month, I became very aware that I was on the verge of losing everything I had worked so hard for, and I decided to take control of my situation with a title loan on my truck. The irony is that the truck was what got me in the situation I was in, and it got me back out. I used an online title loan application to get a title loan right in my neighborhood from a location that put cash in my hand right then and there. By that afternoon, I had caught up on all my bills. I also got to keep and drive my truck during my title loan, which was great.”
Terry P.
Galveston, TX

“When my dentist told me I needed three root canals, I was in shock, as well as a lot of pain. I’m between insurance policies since I lost my old job, and even with coverage I would need to pay most of the expense out of pocket since most policies would only cover extraction. Since the jack o’ lantern look is not an option for me, I went in to problem solving mode and decided I was going to find the cash I needed with a title loan on my Honda. By using an online application, I found a title loan location near me and was pre-approved for my loan before I even arrived to pick up my cash. My teeth were fixed that same week, and what a relief! There is nothing like a title loan for speed and ease when you need cash in a hurry.”
Lois H.
Chicago, IL

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