Ohio Testimonials

“There was an awful heat wave last year, and right in the middle of it, our central air conditioner unit broke down. It was impossible to sleep at night, and the days were just awful. Our finances were not in any shape to get the unit fixed, but since we were working hard and would be bringing in some cash in the near future, I decided to use my Honda to get a title loan so we could fix the air. It was the best decision I have made in a while, because the heat wave stuck around for another three weeks.”
Darla P.
Columbus, OH

“Our bathroom had been in need of a repair for quite a while, but one day it became an emergency when a pipe broke in the wall behind the toilet. We called a plumber and he got the water stopped, and found the problem. Our old cast iron gang pipe had been leaking for a while, and it finally just collapsed. The repair was going to cost $700, so I found an Ohio title loan on my truck right then and there. It was fast and easy, and I even got to keep and drive my truck during the loan.”
Erica H.
Cleveland, OH

“My husband was laid off and ended up taking a new job at a much lower pay rate. It wasn’t long until we were behind on the bills and rent was coming due again, and after we paid everything off, we were literally flat broke. No money for food, gas, anything for two weeks! I got a fast cash title loan for $400 on my Subaru so my kids wouldn’t have to go without because of our adult problems. Thankfully, we got our money issues figured out, but if we ever need fast cash again, it’s good to know there is an Ohio title loan for us.”
Fiona S.
Chillicothe, OH