New Hampshire Testimonials

“Everything seemed to go downhill so fast. One minute I was bringing in great money and my business was growing faster than I could even keep up with, and then in the course of one year I was struggling to find even the most simple of jobs. My contracting business expanded and contracted, and my cash flow was almost non-existent. To make sure I had the cash I needed to get supplies, make payroll, and stay competitive for the few jobs that are out there, i learned early on to use the value of my work truck to free up cash with New Hampshire title loans. It’s been a rough few years, and it’s good to know I have the power to take control of my situation whenever I need to.”
Winston L.
Manchester, NH

“After my hours were cut at work, I ended up falling behind on all my bills and rent, and before I knew it there was a notice to pay or quit on my apartment door and the electric company turned off the power. It was an awful situation to be in, but I had no one to blame but myself. I had a plan to get back on my feet, and step one was to get the cash I needed to catch up on all my bills and have a fresh start. I used my truck to free up the cash I needed with a title loan and in just one afternoon, I got my cash, paid all my bills, and got paid up on my rent. I got just the break I needed with my title loan and I’ve never looked back since.”
Janice P.
Nashua, NH

“My wife’s car blew its radiator, and the repair was going to cost a lot more than we had in savings or on our credit card. We are definitely a two-car family, and it was not an option to not repair the car. After looking in to our options, we decided to use my truck to get a title loan to fix my wife’s car. It was fast and easy, and we had all the time we needed to pay the loan back. Most importantly, I was able to keep and drive my car during the loan.”
Curtis B.
Rochester, NH